When Pietro Cassinadri, an Architect in Cincinnati, was asked if he would teach some Italian Language to the Sons of Italy in 2005, he gladly said yes, and started looking for the best resources to use fo the evening classes; designed to last 8 weeks, 2 hours per week.He noticed that the existing books, CDs, or tapes were not ideal for a short and intense course for beginners; too many grammar instructions (or too few), too many idiomatic sentences, or too many arbitrary exercises.

So Pietro created a new program, with the essential parts of the discourse presented in their logical proximities, in well designed color coded pages, projected on a screen, where the students can hear, see and follow the spoken words guided by a highlighted pointer.The program includes 400 pictures and nouns, 100 common verbs in their most used tenses, and other parts of the discourse tied together with the essential grammatical explanation. 

Student that have tried many other methods have proclaimed these methods to be the best available, anywhere!! 

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